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 The Tainted Sun

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The Tainted Sun Empty
PostSubject: The Tainted Sun   The Tainted Sun Icon_minitimeTue 19 Mar 2019 - 19:26

The Tainted Sun

Small note by myself
I have played this level in singleplayer and in multiplayer. I have to say that this level is a pure masterpiece. Maska322 did really great job and proved the super strength of Serious Editor 1. This level has an awesome story, Croteam-quality level and fight designs. To me, this is one of the best custom fan-made map that the game can offer.

Petite note de moi-même
J'ai joué à ce niveau en solo et en multi-joueur et je dois dire que ce niveau est un vrai chef-d'oeuvre. Maska322 a fait un travail splendide et a prouvé la puissance de Serious Editor 1. L'histoire est géniale, le design et les combats sont dignes d'un niveau de Crtoeam. Il s'agit pour moi d'un des meilleurs niveaux custom que le jeu puisse offrir.

Overall datasheet

Quote :
Name The Tainted Sun
Author : Maska322
Creation date : 10 august 2018
Total Levels : 1
Size : 68,7 MBs
Total entities : 14 450
Total Kills : 2 060
Total Secrets : 40
New textures : yes (FE)
New sounds : no
New models : yes (FE)
New musics : yes (FE)
New animations : no
Estimated time : 2 hours
Description : One huge map placed in Egypt. Sam has to find an ancien artifact and destroy it, but the consequences are unseen. Map is 2 hours long.


The Tainted Sun OuMwifVm The Tainted Sun KuZ9V4Cm
The Tainted Sun AVyeYqcm The Tainted Sun 6H4aHGhm
The Tainted Sun FEX6SHlm The Tainted Sun QEzGRKnm

Additionnal information

- Tomb of Ramses, Sewers, Memphis and Karnak themes inside 1 single level.
- 2 hours gameplay experience
- A final boss to exterminate!
- An amount of 40 secrets to discover and over 2 000 enemies on the way!
- Interesting story to read during game experience

1. Source:

Steam Workshop
Showcase @ Mentalcorps
My latest campaign: Jacob's Rest
To support my work you can donate me if you want.
Contributeur du jeu Serious Sam: Revolution et du mod STM (pour SSSE)
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The Tainted Sun
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