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 Ursul Suburbs

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Ursul Suburbs Empty
PostSubject: Ursul Suburbs   Ursul Suburbs Icon_minitimeMon 29 Jun 2020 - 12:31

Ursul Suburbs

Overall datasheet

Quote :
Name: Ursul Suburbs
Author: Biohazard Dood
Creation date: 6 october 2019
Size: 34.2 MBs
Estimated time: 20 minutes
Description: "This is a fun little project I have been making for a month now, remade Ursul Suburbs from Serious Sam 2 in Classic TSE."
Game: Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter v1.07 ONLY!


Ursul Suburbs Unknown

Additionnal Information

- Serious Sam 2 assets
- Using Advanced Monster & Item Classes

- Use Direct3D for best experience playing this map, also some areas may have a little drops in FPS, so I am sorry if this is too heavy for your PC, with that out of the way, enjoy!

Known bugs:
- The end is buggy
- Framerate can be low at some places

Future Update Notes
- The map will have a complete gameplay balance in the future and will be linked with the upcoming map "Ursul Gardens" by Biohazard Dood.
- Some visual glitches will be updated as well.
- Framerate optimization will be done.

Steam Workshop
Showcase @ Mentalcorps
My latest campaign: Jacob's Rest
To support my work you can donate me if you want.
Contributeur du jeu Serious Sam: Revolution et du mod STM (pour SSSE)
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Ursul Suburbs
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